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Ac Duct Sizing

Ac Duct Sizing

What ar ducts?

Ducts are an important component of all heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. They perform a very important function of delivering and removing air. All HVAC systems require air transfer in different directions. That includes supply, return, and exhaust. In ventilation systems, ducts control air transfer from outside to the interior of the room in order to ensure indoor air quality and temperature maintenance. This system is also called as ductwork and design, dimensions and optimization is called duct design.



Air Conditioning Ducts

They are used to transfer cold streams from one location to other and distribute it where it is needed. Performance of fans, ACs and coolers will remain limited without AC ducts. Ducts allow the cold streams to be transferred where it is required and get diffuse over a wide area and reduce temperature level. It also helps to reduce the speed of cold air and minimize the noise level.

Types of Air Conditioning Ducts

There are three types of air conditioning ducts.

o Overhead ducts
o Ducts for very hot environments
o Ducts for Spot Cooling

Overhead Ducts

These ducts are suspended overhead with steel wires. Small holes are present on sides of ducts that generate streams of cold wind that infuses with warmer room air and move all over the building and reduce temperatures.
Ducts for very Hot Environment

In extremely hot areas such as industries, commercial laundries, and bakeries holes are made on angular positions that is 4 and 8 o’clock position to direct the cold stream to the downward direction. This way cold wind displaces hot streams. But these holes ar numerous and small in order to maintain low-speed stream.

Ducts for Spot Cooling

Plain and perforated ducts can also use as spot cooling ducts. For this, they have to be connected to any portable AC unit. It is very useful where cooling large areas is uneconomical. This way cold stream can releases accurately where it is needed. This helps to reduce the energy cost.

These are some major kinds of AC ducts on the basis of their uses and functions. You can see that why proper installation and cleaning of AC ducts is necessary for HAVC systems.

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