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About HVAC Systems

About HVAC Systems

Air conditioning and heating units can suck up more than 50% of your household energy usage and, with units working overtime to keep you cool this summer, it might be time to perform a few efficiency tests to see if your systems might need to be repaired or replaced.

Doing so can save you a bundle on your energy costs.


Generally speaking, Air conditioning and furnace systems that are over ten years old ar 20-30% less efficient as newer energy-saver models. Brand name units like York, ar ‘Energy-Star’ certified, meaning they are ultra-efficient and can save you up to 20% a month on electricity bills. Add to that new unit innovation in comfort that reduces noise and vibration, eliminate drafts and temperatures swings, and come with extended warranties that can save you hundreds of dollars on repairs, and you can begin to see all the advantages of upgrading your system today.

There ar many heating and air conditioning installation companies that offer free onsite inspections from NATE-certified technicians. These flow masters will perform AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) tests to analyze how much of your energy bill is going into heating your furnace and how much is simply going up in smoke. They’ll also complete SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) checks to give you an idea of how effective your AC units ar in converting electricity into actual cooling comfort. If any of these check-ups show inefficiencies, they’ll probably suggest replacing your old units with a new HVAC system.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) offer the latest in residential and commercial comfort and help to maintain right airflow and climate control throughout homes and office buildings. AC replacement can also keep these spaces free of mold and other harmful organisms that can leak through older systems.

What’s more, these new state of the art cooling and heating systems, such as York Air conditioning products, come with generous warranties and repair and replacement programs. That security, on with proved money-saving Energy-Star technology, makes upgrading to these HVAC air conditioning units a no-brainer.

Moreover, these installment companies normally offer payment plans to offset both the price of the HVAC equipment as well as the ‘soft costs’ of installment and labor. So whether you’re buying one of York’s energy-saving home units or installing an entire commercial HVAC system, these AC replacement companies will work with you to find a price that is affordable to you or your business.

And lastly, while you’re definitely setting yourself up to save a bundle on your power bill, you’ll also be saving the environment as well. These energy-reducing replacements cut down not only on the amount of fossil fire you consume but also on your carbon footmark and actual household emissions.

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